Welcome to LASSO Tutoring!

The LASSO Tutoring Center is located in 021 CLB.



Sunday 12pm-10pm

Monday-Wednesday 8am-10pm

Thursday-Friday 8am-6pm



(online courses only)

After scheduling your appointment, you will need to email your appointment confirmation and Skype ID to tutoring@okstate.edu.


First Time Log-in/Forgotten Password:

Click on FORGOT PASSWORD on the next page. When entering your email, please use your okstate.edu address. A temporary Password will be emailed to you. When entering the temporary password, do not include the exterior brackets. Call 405-744-3309 for additional assistance.


Students may make next day appointments until 9pm the evening prior. However, cancellations must take place before 8pm the evening prior.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please call the LASSO Tutoring Center at 405-744-3309.


Students needing tutoring for NOC courses can request the addition of equivalent course numbers by calling the LASSO Tutoring Center or visiting 021 Classroom Building.

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* By making an appointment I understand $10 will be charged to my OSU bursar account if I fail to show for a scheduled tutor appointment within 15 minutes of my scheduled time, or fail to cancel my appointment by 8pm the evening prior.

* I am responsible for following OSU’s academic code of conduct and knowing my instructor’s individual policy on authorized collaboration (http://academicintegrity.okstate.edu/).

* I understand that LASSO tutors cannot and will not assist me on quizzes, tests, or exams and that any such request is grounds to immediately terminate my tutoring session and generate a report to center management.